Cera-Met wins award in 2019 casting contest !!

2019 casting winner poster.JPG

Parker Hannifin visited us at Cera-Met to explain the functionality of the oil pump we produce for the XWB engine, installed in the Airbus 350 Jet Airliner.  The photo on the screen above shows the Airbus 350 engine during assembly.


Pictured here are two Cera-Met employees who have spent many hours working on this part over the last 5 years.  Beside them, the pump is fully assembled and ready to be delivered to our customer.

Cera-Met Awards

Lockheed Martin and Cera-Met celebrate delivery of 50,000 Hellfire guidance housings.


Cera-Met has been honored to work with Lockheed Martin to develop and produce this part since 1992.


Our partnership with Lockheed began in 1976 and continues today, serving our customer on multiple products and platforms for defense applications.

Cera-Met was proud to receive the Small Business Award from Lockheed Martin that recognized our performance for on-time delivery and quality.  Cera-Met is continuing our partnership with Lockheed Martin through SPMT.  SPMT was created by Lockheed Martin and stands for “Strategic Performance Management Teams”.  We have been part of the SPMT program since 2/24/16.  We have bi-weekly meetings with Lockheed Martin to review our “PEP” (Performance Excellence Plan). We use Critical Measurements (through the use of Cera-Met’s Impact Monitor) to monitor our success.  Cera-Met will be attending a “SPMT Executive Summit” in Orlando, FL. on 11/16/16.  We expect to graduate from the SPMT program in 2017!

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