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Cera-Met Community Outreach

In 2016, Cera-Met began the mission of getting more involved in helping our community by focusing on a new fundraising goal each quarter.  We strive to keep our focus on a cause that is relevant to those in our Cera-Met family as well as sending funding to local organizations.  

Below are some of our accomplishments to date. 

2022  4Q - Adopt a Family

As in years past, this holiday season Cera-Met teamed with a local organization to find families for our Adopt A Family program. The fundraising events, including Cera-Met's first ever employee bake sale, as well as generous donations of gifts and cash from employees during the 4th quarter, allowed Cera-Met to adopt TWO families this year. The holiday wish lists of 10 family members were able to be filled with the funds raised. The 4th quarter fundraiser was a great success, thank you to everyone who helped!

2022  3Q - Ukraine Relief

Through St. Josaphat’s Ukrainian Catholic Church in Bethlehem, we were able to get in touch with Olga, the wife and mother of a family of 5 currently living with her sister’s family and her parents in a nearby town. Olga and her family’s lives were changed when on Feb. 24, 2022, they had to escape from their home in Kyiv, Ukraine. After spending 5 days at the Polish border to get to safety, they decided to come to the United States to stay with Olga’s sister and family. 


They came over on a tourist Visa and have submitted paperwork in order to stay and work in the US. We are glad to be able to help this family get through this challenging time in their lives by providing our Q3 2022 fundraiser to help them with the cost of their basic necessities.

Thanks to our fundraising sponsors: Krispy Kreme Donuts and Yarnall's Subs!

2022  2Q - Lukemia & Lymphoma Society

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society funds leading-edge research for every type of blood cancer, including leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma, and other rare types of blood cancers. As the largest nonprofit funder of cutting-edge blood cancer research to advance cures, LLS has invested more than $1.5 billion in cancer research since they started in 1949, leading to breakthroughs in immunotherapy, genomics and personalized medicine that are improving and saving the lives of patients.


LLS helped advance 85% of the blood cancer treatment options approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration since 2017.


For Q2, we held a cookout to raise funds for the Lehigh Valley LLS initiatives. Cera-Met’s owner and President, Henri Fine, battled Leukemia less than two short years ago.  Thanks to medical advances in cancer treatments, he is now cancer-free.  This donation is in honor of Henri and with hopes that many more lives can be saved through this life-giving research.

2022  1Q - New Bethany Food Drive

New Bethany Ministries is an interfaith, non-profit organization with its main location in Southside Bethlehem, PA.  With 13 full-time and 5 part-time staff members, New Bethany Ministries mobilizes community partnerships, relies heavily on volunteers, and practices sound fiscal stewardship to impact almost 7,000 people annually. 


This organization is home to many in need throughout the Valley, and additional sites in Bethlehem, Allentown, and Coplay allow the organization to magnify its Valley-wide impact. Their basic services provide food support, hygiene support, wellness programming, transitional housing, permanent affordable housing, and financial case management to individuals and families who are working toward self-sufficiency.

Cera-Met's 1st Quarter fundraiser was a food drive to help replenish New Bethany Ministries' food pantry.  As always, Cera-Met employees donated generously!

2021  4Q - Community Bike Works
CBW logo.jpg

Cera-Met took our 4th quarter fundraising to the Community Bike Works in Allentown! This organization teaches kids how to fix bicycles, and in doing so they gain valuable tools such as mechanical and social skills as well as teamwork. They have additional programs to give kids a place to go after school, to help kids with academics,  volunteer in the community, as well as other support and opportunities.


Visit their website for more information about this wonderful group at:

2021  3Q - Cera-Met Cares

For this fundraiser, Cera-Met turned our focus to our fellow employees who have faced a loss of wages as a result of a Covid-19 illness. A confidential list of employees was gathered, and all donations raised, as well as the company's 50% match, were distributed among them. Special t-shirts and sweatshirts with "Cera-Met Cares" were printed by an employee who works in our X-Ray Department, and made available for purchase. A company cookout was held with food and drink for employees in exchanged for any donation amount of choice. The fundraiser was a hit and Cera-Met welcomed the opportunity to help!

cera-met cares logo.jpg
2021  2Q - Victory House of Lehigh Valley

For the second quarter of 2021, we are raising funds for Victory House of Lehigh Valley. Cera-Met has supplied parts to our military for over 40 years and we want to help the homeless men and veterans of the Lehigh Valley during this difficult time. We currently have several veterans working here as well, and we are grateful for their dedication, and for serving our country and protecting our freedoms!

About Victory House: Since 1985, when it was known as Center City Ministries, Victory House of the Lehigh Valley has been providing shelter and transitional services to homeless men, many who have been homeless veterans. Today, after 35+ years of service, nearly 4,000 men have benefitted from the transitional programs at Victory House, enabling them to regain the unity of family life in the community. 

You can learn more about Victory House at:

We are having several hoagie fundraisers to help raise funds for Victory House. Thank you to Yarnall's Subs and Sandwiches for supplying delicious hoagies!

VH logo.jpg
2021  1Q - Everlasting Life Ministries

For our 1st quarter, Cera-Met had a food drive for Everlasting Life Ministries, Inc. This food pantry is based out of New Bethany E.C. Church, 224 N 6th St. Allentown.  Food distribution is held every Saturday, 9:00am.

This church has served more than 800 families per month in the past, but nationwide the demand for aid at food banks has soared during the pandemic, amid unprecedented job losses and the worst unemployment rate in modern times. Some pantries in the Lehigh Valley are seeing a 75% increase in demand over previous years.


Everlasting Life Ministries also provides clothing and free medical care once a week to those in need. We also collected gently used clothing to donate to the ministry! 

2020  4Q - New Bethany Ministries

For our Q4 fundraiser this year, we partnered again with New Bethany Ministries in South Side, Bethlehem, PA.  As part of the many programs they offer, New Bethany provides Transitional Housing to several families throughout the year. 


Cera-Met will be helping the children in these families acquire much needed new clothing and coats by providing money from our fundraiser to the organization.  They will issue vouchers to the families to purchase the clothing needed for the children.


For our Q4 fundraiser we are selling Gertrude Hawk Chocolates for $1.00! Proceeds from each chocolate bar will be matched by Cera-Met, 50¢ per $1.00. ALL proceeds will go directly to New Bethany Ministries!

2020  3Q - Good Shepherd Rehabilitation

Founded in 1908 in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network is an internationally known physical rehabilitation provider that offers a complete continuum of care for adults and children with physical and cognitive challenges.

Good Shepherd cares for adults and children with catastrophic injuries and conditions, such as spinal cord injury, brain injury, stroke, amputation and major multiple traumas and provides outpatient musculoskeletal and orthopedic rehabilitation services, home health, long-term acute care and long-term care.

For our Q3 2020 fundraiser, Cera-Met will be supporting this wonderful organization!

2019  4Q - Charitable Projects - Bethlehem Police Dept

Our Q4 2019 fundraiser was to benefit our local law enforcement and the programs they have in place to help our local community. Their initiatives range from giving gifts and toys at local hospitals to programs helping young adults interested in getting a job in law enforcement. 

Due to the fire here at our plant in December 2019, we were unable to fully complete our fundraiser. We had accumulated $537 in December, and the Connect team decided Cera-Met will donate the amount we had anticipated raising from the Gertrude Hawk fundraiser if we would have sold all the bars of chocolate. The amount of the donation was $1,475!  Thank you for your continued generosity!

Our donation was delivered to the Bethlehem Police on July 9th, made out to “Bethlehem Police Wish Fund”. The money will be used to hand out popsicles to children this summer, and toys for children during the holidays!

As always, we are grateful for Cera-Met’s goodwill, and the time and effort of our employees.

2018 Thanksgiving New Bethany.jpg
2018 Toys hospital.jpg
20200709 IMG_1685 cropped.jpg
2018 Toys for kids.jpg
2019  3Q - Sassy Massey Smiles Foundation

Sassy Massey Toy Drive!


Sassy Massey Foundation toy collection is not just a Christmas event - it’s one that can bring joy to children affected by pediatric cancer throughout the year by providing the children with toys as they undergo their cancer treatments.


As Jillian (Sassy) Massey was undergoing treatment herself, she had this idea of giving toys to the other kids in the hospital as they went through their own treatments. It helped them to feel less scared and the toys were a distraction that gave them a little something to look forward to on their hospital visits.


We were excited to join with the Massey family again to help bring some Sassy Massey Smiles to the kids during Q3 2019!

Toy Delivery--.jpg
butterfly logo.jpg
2019  2Q - Mercy School For Special Learning

Mercy School For Special Learning provides all children and young adults with special needs the best opportunity to reach their utmost potential, both academically and in life, which is an expression and extension of the Catholic Church’s mission to promote the Gospel and sanctity of human life.

They promise to love, respect, and treasure each unique individual; use academics, activities, and community engagement to build life skills and confidence; and provide a safe, nurturing, and spiritual environment.

They are located in Allentown, PA.


Cera-Met raised funds for this great organization by conducting a hoagie fundraiser through Yarnall’s Subs and Sandwiches, and proceeds from our ice cream sales. 

2019  1Q - New Bethany Ministries

New Bethany Ministries is an interfaith, non-profit organization with its main location in Southside Bethlehem, PA.  With 13 full-time and 5 part-time staff members, New Bethany Ministries mobilizes community partnerships, relies heavily on volunteers, and practices sound fiscal stewardship to impact almost 7,000 people annually. 


This organization is home to many in need throughout the Valley, and additional sites in Bethlehem, Allentown, and Coplay allow the organization to magnify its Valley-wide impact. Their basic services provide food support, hygiene support, wellness programming, transitional housing, permanent affordable housing, and financial case management to individuals and families who are working toward self-sufficiency.

Cera-Met's 1st Quarter fundraiser was a food drive to help replenish New Bethany Ministries' food pantry.  As always, Cera-Met employees donated generously and, with Cera-Met's 50% match, we delivered a truckload of supplies in April 2019!

New Bethany fundraiser donations in conf
New Bethany pantry 1.jpg
New Bethany fundraiser - full truck.jpg
New Bethany photo with Maria and Brandy.
New Bethany photo AJ filling truck.jpg
food drive image.jpg
2018  4Q - Sassy Massey
Jillian Massey photo.png

Jillian (Sassy Massey) was a carefree, spunky and spicy, gymnastic loving 5 year old with determination and strength like no other!  But in April 2016, she was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer in her brain and spine and began treatment right away.


She spent many days in CHOP (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia) and, while she was there, she developed a mission:  she wanted her friends at CHOP to have toys for the holidays.  In September of 2016, the Sassy Massey Toy Drive was started with 2 goals in mind.


1.  To spread awareness that only 4% of all government funding goes     

     toward pediatric cancer research.  This number is tragically low, and we

     want to spread awareness, to create a much needed change.


2.  They also wanted to spread Jillian’s infectious smile! And what makes a

     kid smile? Toys!!!

The drive started with a modest goal of 50-100 toys, but with the generous gifts from people like you, they were able to far exceed that goal and deliver thousands of toys and gift cards, creating miles of Smiles.  In December 2016, Jillian personally delivered more than 3,000 toys that had been donated from friends, families, and strangers through an Amazon wish list.

Unfortunately, Jillian's battle ended in December 2017 when she passed away, but her vision continues to grow and the mission to help children in her honor is what sparked Cera-Met to help.

Through an amazing outpouring, Cera-Met was able to donate lots of toys in time for the Holiday Season.  Keeping the donation local, we were able to donate the gifts to the Lehigh Valley Reilly Children's Hospital through the Sassey Massey Smiles Foundation.

Thanks to all who donated and gave to this amazing organization.

For more information about this organization and how to donate, please visit:

Photo of toys on table.jpg
Photo of Kerry and Julio.JPG
Photo of Marc - work hustle repeat.jpg
2018  3Q - Peaceable Kingdom

Cera-Met's 3rd Quarter 2018 fundraiser was to benefit a local animal shelter in Allentown, PA


Peaceable Kingdom is a no-kill shelter. They do not euthanize animals except in cases of unacceptable aggression or incurable illness. Their mission is:


  • To provide care, protection, and assistance to animals who are mistreated, injured, abandoned, or otherwise in need.

  • To offer low-cost veterinary services providing all pet owners a place to get care for their pets

  • To minimize animal overpopulation through low-cost spay/neuter clinics.

  • To create community awareness and gain support of animal needs through educational efforts.

  • Continue to expand their facility for cats and dogs.

peaceable kingdom logo.gif
cat photo from peaceable kingdom.jpg
paw print image.jpg

We held an ice cream fundraiser to raise money for this amazing organization.  Who doesn't love ice cream???  


With the help of our generous employees and Cera-Met's 50% match, we were able to donate funds to help this organization continue to provide the veterinary service and loving care to animals in need.

                                                                                      Thanks to all who donated!

2018  2Q - The Chemo Bag

Cera-Met Connect sold Gertrude Hawk chocolate bars for $1.00 each to benefit The CHEMO Bag!

The CHEMO Bag Inc., in partnership with the generosity of our community, is committed to providing gift bags filled with items to provide comfort to the men and women in the Lehigh Valley undergoing chemotherapy treatments.  It was started by Leah Walia and her daughter Michelle, to give back to the community. 

Leah is a breast cancer survivor who went through 2 surgeries, 6 rounds of chemo, 33 visits to radiation therapy and a year's worth of Herceptin infusions. “I understand the emotional and physical pain of cancer treatments. I understand the fear that follows you every day, even when you have been told you are 'fine'.”

Any newly diagnosed cancer patient coming to the infusion center for the first time is completely overwhelmed with many emotions as they enter. They experience feelings of anxiety, fear (what side effects will I get? Will it hurt? How long will I be there? Etc.), frustration and sometimes even anger. After we get them settled for treatment and make sure they are comfortable, we surprise them with the gift from the "THE CHEMO BAG"! Every patient is thrilled, excited and overwhelmed with appreciation. They love looking through the bag to see what treasures they will find. They are so appreciative of the kindness that someone would do this for them!

A limited number of infusion centers in the Lehigh Valley can participate due to the limitations of donations to go around.   Every dollar raised by Cera-Met was matched 50% and went directly to The CHEMO Bag! 


Every dollar makes a difference!

2018  1Q - Food Drive for New Bethany Ministries

Through the month of February, Cera-Met collected non-perishable food items and toiletries to help New Bethany Ministries of Bethlehem PA.  

New Bethany Ministries is a faith-based, non-profit agency devoted to providing opportunities for a secure future to the hungry, homeless, poor, and mentally ill of the Lehigh Valley.

In 2017, New Bethany raised sufficient funds to renovate a two-story garage into a new, choice based food pantry that will provide more fresh food to more people more often. 

Cera-Met matched donations at 50%, and delivered all items to New Bethany in mid-March, in time for the start of their 2018 Spring Hunger Campaign!

2017  4Q - Adopt a Family

This holiday season Cera-Met Connect has teamed with one of our employees and his family in St. Thomas, to help those there who were affected by the hurricanes earlier this year.  Two families were selected for our Adopt A Family program, and in addition to employees buying gifts and donating money towards items, we also collected new and gently used clothing to send to St. Thomas.  We appreciated the considerable response and contributions of our employees!

2017  3Q - Lehigh Valley Children's Hospital

Cera-Met Connect has revisited the Lehigh Valley Children’s Hospital as the focus of our 3rd quarter fundraiser.

Last  year  one  of  our  employees  battled  prostate  cancer.   Throughout  his

treatment, he saw many children also battling cancer and was moved by the struggles they and their families faced. 

We had a wonderful result to our fundraiser last year, and this year we almost DOUBLED the total amount raised through cash donations and the sale of Gertrude Hawk chocolate bars.  All of the funds were used to buy items from The Children’s Hospital Wish List.  Along with gifts donated by employees, the items were delivered to the hospital on October 27.   Cera-Met thanks everyone who helped make this fundraiser a success! 

2017  2Q - Drug Abuse Awareness

Cera-Met wants to help bring awareness to the growing problem of drug abuse among teenagers and adults.  This fundraiser, we are teaming up with Partners for a New Beginning.

This organization was started a few years ago in Nazareth, PA by a group of parents who have had children affected by drug abuse and addiction, specifically around heroine and opiates.  Contributions will be directed toward helping launch a school program to bring awareness to the dangers of these drugs, and alternatives for dealing with pressure and stress in life.  


Six years ago, our fellow employee, Kerry Rogers, lost his daughter, Lea, to drug addiction.  It is in her memory that we’ve chosen this foundation and cause for our focus, to help the fight against drug abuse.

To help raise funds for this cause we sold 50/50 Cash Raffle Tickets , lids for quarts of water ice from Rita's on Union Blvd, and we held our 2nd Charity Cookout Luncheon where food and drinks were available for a donation amount of choice.  It was another wonderful success!  A special thanks to Fastenal for donating water bottles for everyone!

2017  1Q - Make Butter Better

Julian (aka "Butter"), an employee's 12 year old son, was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma and underwent chemotherapy treatments in Philadelphia.  Our 1st quarter fundraiser was to help with costs associated with medical expenses, travel and lost income.  


Throughout February we sold t-shirts and bracelets with "Team Butter" and "Make Butter Better" logos, and purple ribbons for Hodgkin Lymphoma.  On March 17th we hosted a company cookout where Cera-Met donated food and drinks in exchange for cash donations of any amount employees wanted to contribute!


Employees wore their t-shirts, bracelets and ribbons for a chance to win a gift basket, and all of the proceeds went toward the fundraiser.   It was a great success and a good time was enjoyed by all!  Special thanks go out to our employees Julio Hernandez for printing the t-shirts and Dave Strunk who donated a signed football and jersey from the Philadelphia Eagles!

2016  4Q - Adopt a Family

Cera-Met Connect once again turned the focus close to home.  In past years we’ve worked with local organizations to participate in the Adopt a Family program.  This year for our final fundraiser of 2016, we adopted our own Cera-Met families! 


Through nominations, 12 children of our employees were adopted and it was a wonderful success!  Employees brought gifts and donated funds, then we invited volunteers to come together and have fun helping wrap the presents.  Together we helped create Happy Holidays at Cera-Met!

2016  3Q - Lehigh Valley Children's Hospital

For our third quarter, we discussed turning our focus to Prostate Cancer Awareness since one of our own employees battled this disease this year and is gratefully in remission!  Throughout his treatment, he witnessed many children also battling cancer and was moved by the struggles they and their families endured.  For  this  reason, our  fundraiser  was  for  the  Lehigh Valley Children's

Hospital.  We still felt it was important to create Prostate Cancer Awareness, so in addition to the fundraiser we created a display of information on early detection, treatment, as well information regarding a free prostate cancer screening taking place in the area that month.  For the fundraiser we focused on raising money to buy items on the hospital's Wish List.  We teamed up with Gertrude Hawk to sell chocolate bars to help raise funds.  Some employees donated needed items directly, which was in addition to the money raised.  A team from Cera-Met delivered the purchased items to the hospital.

2016  2Q - Multiple Sclerosis

The focus on Multiple Sclerosis was part of our second quarter fundraiser.  We wanted to again be able to help one of our own, as one of our employee's son is afflicted with Multiple Sclerosis. In trying to find a locally based organization that he may have ties to, we were left empty.  While he is associated with various groups, they are all national. 


Cera-Met decided the best way to keep the funds local was to help him directly.  We found his ramp for their family van was in need of repair.  At his current stage of his struggles with MS, he is in a wheelchair in order to commute, and the repair of the van would greatly help provide assistance.  We teamed up with a local popular convenience store to sell vouchers good for hoagies, and with cash donations and a 50¢ on the dollar company match, it was a great success!

2016  1Q - Autism

Our first quarter fundraiser focused on Autism Awareness, as one of our employees has a son with autism.  When we approached our employee with an offer to help with whatever needs he may have, he directed us to send the funds to a local organization called Live, Learn and Play that helps children with autism and one that he works with personally. He helped us raise funds by printing the autism puzzle piece design on socks, which were then made available for employees to purchase.  All proceeds from the sale were matched 50¢ on the dollar by Cera-Met and many employees simply donated cash outright.  Below are photos of our employee, Frank Dealba, wearing the socks to his boxing match he won!  A team from Cera-Met delivered funds in person to Live, Learn and Play.

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